Cool and Rad Room

  • One of my favorite kinds of rooms to re-do are kid’s rooms.  They are so much fun, kids have so much personality, and it’s awesome to get to do crazy things that you wouldn’t do in an adult room inside a house.  I love the creativity and imagination I get to use.

    I always start with an interview of the kid, to find out personality, likes, loves, and passions.  Once I determine these things, I’m better able to design a space that suits them, makes them happy, and instantly lets any friends and family know that this is THEIR room.  It’s a job I take quite seriously, and seriously enjoy.  Doesn’t get much better than this!

    surfer room

    One of my more recent room renos was for a strong, independent, and fiercely loyal girl named Lana.  During our interview I learned that one of Lana’s idols was Bethany Hamilton.  Bethany Hamilton is a world famous surfer  who lost one of her arms during an attack by a shark.  Lana was in awe of Bethany’s talent and skill on a surfboard, but also by her ability to overcome such an adversity.  Bethany’s will and determination to continue the sport and life that she loved was really an inspiration to Lana.

    Taking up surfing was going to be a big of a challenge for Lana, as she did not live near the ocean.  As an alternative Lana had begun taking up paddle boarding at the lake near her house.  While it was not the same as surfing it still give Lana something exciting to do and was a connection to her hero.  So when it came to her room she also wanted her hero and new passion represented, so she asked that I incorporate a stand up paddle board, from, somehow into her design. You got it, Lana!

    I was envisioning this whole ocean/surfer vibe, with ocean colors and bright tropical designs to match her sunny disposition.  I wanted to bring the excitement and movement of the ocean inside into her bedroom, and create a space I knew she would just love.  I considered using wall decals, but I knew I needed something even better.

    I waited anxiously for the paddle board to arrive, for I knew it was an important part to the room.  As soon as it was delivered in the mail I took Lana’s idea of the best inflatableSUP and tucked away in the corner of her room, knowing that this would speak to Lana as well as provide a practical and sporty touch to the room.  She could use it to pursue her dreams of paddle boarding, while also using it as an accessory for her room.  It looked awesome.  And if she ever got tired of it, she could simply roll it up, and it didn’t take that much space.  This really provided great elements of form, design, and yet still function.

    I mainly used a tropical blue, with some warmer accents of red, orange, and yellow, to give it that sun kissed look.  I made a sun mosaic from the fiery colors, and proudly displayed it on her wall.  The only thing missing to make the room perfect (besides sand and ocean water, of course) was a hammock.  So I added one to gently swing from the opposite corner of the stand up paddle board.  Flowing curtains gave the movement I was looking for to simulate the ocean.  Mission complete!

    I wish I could have captured Lana’s face when she saw her room to motivate me for the rest of those tough days.  It was incredible.  She was thrilled.  I was too.  Honestly, I would love for that to be my space as well.  Another successful renovation done!