Demo Day!

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    Nothing gets me quite as excited as knowing it’s DEMO DAY…

    except maybe being DONE with demo day!

    At the beginning of the day, I’m all smiles and have all the Herculean feelings – I’m the BOSS of these ugly walls and this ugly carpet and this ugly sink and ALL THE UGLY THINGS!!  HEAR ME ROAR!

    And then one hour in – all the ugly things still exist and I’m exhausted and demo just.keeps.going.

    But, I digress.  Yes, Demo Day is a lot of work and can be the stuff nightmares are made of, but it can also be a fun and rewarding day, to strip off the old and get down to the bones of what you’ve been dreaming of.

    It’s important to start out Demo Day with a good, solid breakfast.  Just a cup of coffee won’t do today.  (But I wouldn’t suggest going without coffee, either.  Caffeine is IMPORTANT, people.)  A little trick from me to you is to mix up your coffee with a protein shake.  Two birds, one stone.  My personal favorite is IdealShape, but honestly, any meal replacement shake will do.  Caffeine + nutrition = out the door (or in the door – whatever!) and on to smashing things, pronto!

    Before you start just knocking down walls all willy-nilly – you’re going to need to make sure they aren’t load bearing walls, lest the whole house come tumbling down on you. Here’s a great video to help you with just that:


    Now that you’re all set that the house won’t cave in on you when you get rid of that one wall that just keeps you feeling boxed in, have at it!  Take out your aggression on that sucker!  There’s not much more rewarding than staring through beams as you look at your dreams coming true of an open floor plan.

    It’s also probably worth it to rent a dumpster.  The Bagster Bag is the coolest thing, and perfect for some of your smaller jobs.  Waste Management also offers a host of other sizing options that will meet your demo needs.  Demo gets trashy – make sure you’ve got a place to get rid of it all!  Those black plastic bags just aren’t going to cut it today.

    It’s also super helpful to gather all the tools you think you’re going to need (plus a few extra) ahead of time.  Nothing is worse than being in the zone to realize you have to STOP all momentum to go grab a crowbar.  Just get it all together before.  Take everything with you.  I’d much rather have too much than not have what I need and everything come to a screeching halt while I locate that one thing I didn’t bring.  The pits, I tell you.

    (And a sidenote, from personal experience, keep your precious electronics out of the line of fire.  I may or may not have a smashed screen on my iPhone thanks to a demo.  All water under the bridge now, but you can bet I’ve never made the same mistake again.  Instagram will be there when you’re done.  Multitasking is a good way to ensure you won’t be able to access it!)

    My best tip for you is to recruit all your friends to come and help.  Free (or cheap!) labor rocks, plus it’s always more fun if you have buddies to laugh with while you’re ripping apart your home.  My friends can usually be bought for a few slices of pizza – food is a wonderful motivator.  My friends are also weird and dig a skinny shake too.  Totally worth it.  And, for the love of all things, have someone around (or at least on speed dial) that actually knows what they are doing.  Demo is dangerous.  Safety first.  All that jazz.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to live in your demo zone.  Call your mom, your friend, your gardener- your whoever and ask if you can crash there for a while.  Living in a construction zone is the pits.  And yes, I speak from experience.  My lungs are still dusty.  Anyways- move out for a while.  That way, you can fully appreciate the space when it’s all prettied up and you’re back in.

    My motto – you gotta tear it down to build it back up.  Buh-bye nasty carpet!  Cracked sink?  Adios!  Choppy rooms?  These walls have got to go!  Demo day, while exhausting, always reminds me of a fresh start.  Which is ironic, because I don’t usually start so fresh, since I didn’t sleep the night before due to the excitement!  (Hence the coffee…)

    Do you have any demo traditions?  Any tips or tricks of the trade to share?  Would love to hear from you!